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What Kind of Vape Should I Use?

To Each their own! Some may start with the biggest, baddest mod they can get their hands on, while others may want to ease into vaping. There is no wrong answer here, it's simply YOUR preference. That being said, it may be much easier to transition from cigarettes and tobacco products to a vaporizer that is considered a "starter". These are generally kits that contain everything you need to get a general understanding of how vaping works, without too much extra!

What Kind of Juice is the Best?

Everyone has their own specific taste in E-juice. Flavors can range from a something fruity or desserty, to something bold and full flavored like tobacco. While there are countless flavors to choose from, you are the only one who can ultimately decide! That's why we have testers of each flavor we carry, that way you aren't blindly purchasing anything and hoping for the best. Some flavor categories: Fruit, Dessert, Menthol, Tobacco, Spices, Tropical, Bakery, Cream, ......

What are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine Salt is a form of nicotine found naturally in the tobacco leaf. Many people are beginning to use this form because users are able to use higher levels of this nicotine in their juice, without the unbearably harsh hit that is common with high levels of normal nicotine found in e-juice. Nicotine salt can be used in lower levels too, but the high concentration nicotine salt juice is meant for small, pod-based devices with coils over 1.0 ohms. For even more technical info, click the logo to the left!

What is a Rebuildable Atomizer?

There are many ways to vape, and replacing your coil with another pre-made coil isn't the only option! The most common ReBuildable Atomizer, or RBA, is called an RDA. An RDA is a Rebuildable Drip Atomizer. An easy example is the icon you see to the right here ->

This setup consists of a deck (main body of the RDA), Posts (most simply, a positive and negative post), wire (coiled up and connected between positive and negative posts), and wick (some type of cotton used to soak up the liquid). These few things are the basic building blocks to any vape, and this way you can make any coil you like! Be warned: This can be a dangerous activity when the user is uneducated, and it is HIGHLY recommended to do extensive research before attempting to build anything yourself. But, of course, you can always come in to one of our locations for some great advice about building your first RDA!


NO! The chance of this happening is very rare, and even when it does happen, it is generally related to improper or uneducated use of a device by a careless user. All newer devices go though quality control to ensure they work properly, and include safety features to prevent anything from malfunctioning. The biggest culprits of this largely debated topic are batteries that have not been properly taken care of. Always make sure to never expose any battery to extreme low or high temperatures. Make sure that there is no peeling plastic or dents in the batteries. For more information, feel free to contact us directly so we can put your fears to rest!

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